I grew up by the water in Perth, Western Australia and love being near it, in it and out on it. Capturing seascapes and waterways has become a natural focus for me.

My interest in photography began with my dad who was a hobby photographer (and also loved the water).

When I was 10, he gave me a crusty old Taron rangefinder camera. Clearly he wanted to challenge me at a young age. There was nothing even remotely electronic on it. Every reasonably well-exposed shot was a victory – never mind the composition.

But it inspired my interest in taking more than just snapshots and pushed me to save every dollar I had for my first camera.

For some years music took my attention away from photography, though I never completely left it behind.

Photography is once again a constant passion and capturing WA’s beautiful landscapes and the brilliant light that washes over them in the morning and evening, a constant quest.

Today I’m lucky enough to work in publishing where I often get to tinker with my camera during office hours but mostly I’m an after-hours photographer.

I still have a long way to go but so far it’s been a great trip.

Thanks for stopping by.