Castle Rock Dunsborough WA

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A quick trip to Dunsborough for a mate’s birthday last weekend. I squeezed in a couple of walks along the coast with my camera in between celebrations. This was shot along the Castle Rock walk trail. Being so used to west coast sunsets happening over the ocean it always throws me when the sun doesn’t quite set where you expect it to here.

Dunsborough, Castle Rock, Western Australia

Urban photo adventure – Perth CBD

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About three weeks ago I spent an awesome, if somewhat chilly, morning in the Perth CBD as part of an urban photography workshop with Christian Fletcher and Tony Hewitt. After meeting at the Perth Convention Centre before the sun came up, we walked an interesting circuit through the city, nice and early on a Saturday morning, before too many people had hit the streets. Unfortunately it wasn’t early enough to dodge the security guard who asked us to lower our lenses and quietly move on at one point. Obviously 16 rugged-up tripod wielding types looked like a serious security risk.
The focus of the day was looking for interesting patterns, shapes and compositions in the urban landscape – the kind of things you’d normally pass by without a second glance.
When you really stopped to look there was a huge amount to shoot, even in a relatively short loop.
After breakfast and the chance to warm up we headed to Team Digital to learn more about Christian and Tony’s workflow and their creative thought processes. It was invaluable and massively inspiring. We also spent a fair bit of time going through some of the shots we all took on the day and getting some feedback.

As well as meeting Christian and Tony it was great to meet, shoot and chat to other folk with the same obsession. There’s a bigger version of the image below in Built Environment.

Undercroft area, near the Perth Convention Centre, Western Australia.

Best spot on Perth’s south metro coast

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As much as I love Perth beaches, south of North Beach, as things flatten out, there aren’t many interesting coastal features to photograph, until you get to North Cottesloe.

What I love about North Cott is how the reef close to the shoreline constantly changes with the winter swells.

As the sand is slowly washed away over the winter months, different parts of the reef are gradually revealed. What’s visible is constantly shifting and changing so it looks different each time you visit.

Being one of Perth’s ‘iconic’ beaches, the main beach at Cottesloe is always fairly busy, but the northern end has a little less traffic making it a relatively peaceful photo location as well.

More North Cottesloe photos.

Cottesloe Beach reef Western Australia

Pinnacles and Cervantes Road Trip

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There are two landscape images I’ve vowed never to take in WA – one is the boat-shed over the river in Crawley the other is the Pinnacles. I caved in on the Pinnacles. Fortunately the day we were there was heavily overcast, with some patches of lighter cloud so there was an interesting eerie light over the site. I was keen not to come home with captures of those golden pillars under a striking blue sky – the world really doesn’t need any more of those.
It was my first visit there and it made a great over-nighter from Perth. We stayed in Cervantes before heading back the next day, stopping in at some places we bypassed the day before.
Looking forward to getting out that way again soon. More Pinnacles photos under landscape images. (I’m standing firm on the Crawley Boat shed pledge though).

The Pinnacles near Cervantes, Western Australia

Young kookaburra, Margaret River trip

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This cutie came to say goodbye as we were packing up to leave our chalet in Margaret River. The young kookaburra was patient enough to wait while I leapt inside, grabbed my camera, changed lenses, then tripped around the porch trying to look inconspicuous.

Kookaburra, Margaret River WA