Fishing at North Cottesloe

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North Cottesloe beach is is a nice spot to throw in a fishing line from the rock platforms there when the winter swells start to shift some of the sand away. It’s one of my favourite spots on Perth’s southern beaches to take some sunset shots at this time of year. There was less of the reef showing than I was expecting on this day, but winter’s arrived so it won’t long before the scene starts to change a bit here, which is interesting to watch over the winter months. It looks a little different every visit.

Fishing at North Cottesloe Beach

Nedlands foreshore sunrise

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A very early start on a Sunday morning with Perth Photography Network. This was shot at the jetty near Jo Jo’s in Nedlands. The sunrise was a little flat with no clouds about to add some drama. Too many blue-sky days in Perth – sometimes it really can kill the mood. Shot with a Lee ND hard grad and 24mm Sigma Art lens.

Nedlands foreshore sunset Perth

Trees growing in rocks on the Dunsborough foreshore

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The last time I tried to snap this scene on the Dunsborough foreshore there was a ‘tinny’ chained to the bigger tree. It was good to find the trees taking centre stage on their own this time. South West WA has lots of stretches of beautiful, rugged coastline and while this bit is known for generally being tame and calm, on this morning there was a little bit of a tempest brewing and an angry sky, but the ocean below was still and peaceful. It created some interesting light as the sun came up. Luckily it blew over fairly quickly.

Trees grow from the rocks on the Dunsborough foreshore, Western Australia

Canal Rocks under cloud

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Canal Rocks, near Yallingup on the Leeuwin-Naturaliste coast of WA. The collections of large boulders and rocks here form one large channel with many smaller breaks in the rocks where the big Indian Ocean swells surge through.
If the view from the footbridge bridge isn’t enough you can clamber over the boulders to reach plenty of great lookout points to watch the sunset.


Quindalup Boat Ramp Cloudy Sunrise

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A very early morning visit to Quindalup boat ramp was a bit of a non-event in terms of photographic opportunities. The beach-end of the boat ramp jetty was covered in seaweed and the sun only very very briefly popped through a crack in the clouds before it started raining lightly again. I managed to get a few shots in the few minutes there was some interesting light in the sky but my window of opportunity was very short so there was no time to move around. The weedy shoreline also made it tough to frame a nice shot. Damn you mother nature!

Quindalup boat ramp jetty, WA.

Sugarloaf Rock, Dunsborough region, WA

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The much-photographed Sugarloaf Rock, near Dunsborough. Unfortunately on my two recent sunset visits here, the sky failed to produce any lovely evening colours for me. The night before had been all dark dramatic clouds, which at least made for a half decent black and white shot. This is such a beautiful place. It always takes me by surprise how close this incredible rock is to the shoreline when it first pops into view.

Sugarloaf Rock, Dunsborough region, WA

Nannup farmland WA

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The South West of WA gets a lot of tourist traffic that mainly hugs the coast, but the inland region around the Blackwood River Valley is just stunning and not all that far away from the coast. Lots of rolling green hills, pretty towns and forests with the Blackwood River winding its way through it all. The Nannup-Balingup Road isn’t just the main access road between Nannup and Balingup towns, it’s also a beautiful scenic drive. Unfortunately, unlike the scenery when you arrive in Nannup, driving the Mowen Road from Margaret River is a little bit of a yawn. As of last year the road’s now completely sealed from the Margaret River end all the way to Nannup but it’s such a straight line from Margs to Nannup along the road with fairly low trees and scenery that barely changes that you’re kind of glad it’s now only a 35 minutes trip. But it’s well worth a look and a nice change of pace from the busy Margaret River region.

Nannup WA farmland with tree

Wyadup Spa at Wyadup Rocks, Western Australia

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I made a couple of trips to Wyadup rocks last weekend while staying near Margaret River. There are so many shots to be had in this location but one of the best is at Wyadup Spa where the water flows over the rocks into a small pool below. My first night here produced a fairly ordinary cloudless sunset. There was also one other shooter in position on the rocks right where I wanted to be. So it wasn’t quite the shot I wanted. On the second night I got lucky with a lovely sky. There were quite a few people crawling backwards and forwards over the rocks across my shot as the sun was sinking and I was anxiouly waiting for them to pass out of the frame but at one point a lone figure came and stood on a distant rock which ended up being a nice bonus. More Wyadup Rocks photos, including the one with the bonus stranger, in the Water gallery.
This photo was taken a little earlier in the evening before the sky turned to lovely streaks of red.

Wyadup Spa at Wyadup Rocks, Western Australia

City Beach groyne, WA

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A quick trip to City Brach this evening to test out my new Sigma 24mm Art lens. Pretty happy with the results so far. Nice and sharp. Awesome lens paired with the Nikon D810. It was a nice-ish sunset but pretty windy so hopefully not too much shake on the tripod. I’m looking forward to saying goodbye to the afternoon winds and hello to some calmer evenings as the weather gets cooler.

City Beach, Perth WA sunset

Cottesloe Beach Sunset

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It had been looking like a stormy afternoon at Cottesloe Beach but the sun managed to break through the gloom just as it was setting. They say you need to go back to a spot over and over again to get the shot you want and to experience it in different kinds of light and conditions. I’m getting there with this spot but still haven’t got the shot I want. Another sunset photo of Cottesloe Beach.

Sunset at Cottesloe Beach, WA

Fremantle West End

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I got this photo on a walk around the west end of Fremantle. This wall was a very drab grey but it caught my eye as I was passing because the sun was not far off setting and the light washing over it was bringing out this lovely texture in the brickwork. Unfortunately the Fremantle Doctor was blowing a gale at the time so I didn’t even bother with the tripod. It’s was a rough, quick shot which probably deserves another go on a calmer evening. Love Fremantle but really hate the summer winds.

Near Fremantle harbour, Western Australia

Koh Samui

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A couple of shots from our recent holiday in Koh Samui, Thailand. My brand new Nikon D810 also came for its first holiday and its first real workout. It is indeed an awesome piece of kit. It was also a lovely ‘relaxing’ break which means not a lot of photo expeditions but enough to get a handful of keepers. If we had more time I would have loved to go back to a couple of spots in the evening with my tripod. Yes, the tripod was allowed to come but… only the slightly lighter one. Another couple of photos in the Water and Other work galleries.

Koh Samui low tide

Koh Samui locals fishing for bait